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Message to Beta Users of the cYAAG Digital Platform

Thank you for being one of the first users of the cYAAG digital platform for Sustainable Development that we launched in December 2020!

Our Dream

Our dream is to create a worldwide community for impact and innovation that leads the world towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. Our platform brings to you inspiring social enterprises that are doing ground breaking work in areas such as Healthcare, Sustainable Cities, Clean Energy, Food, Agriculture, Education, Responsible Consumption, Water, Air, Climate Action, and Assistive Technologies.

Social Enterprises on our Platform

We carefully select companies that have a triple impact – social, environmental, and financial: that help people and the planet while being solid businesses. The cYAAG platform provides thousands of users like you the opportunity to accelerate the adoption and awareness of the services and products of such proven inspiring companies by participating and “playing” in YAAGs around these companies. Each YAAG has a clear social, environmental, and financial impact and a goal that takes us one step further towards creating a better world.

Some examples of such goals we have started with are:

  • Providing free accessible e-books to any qualified blind or other impaired person

  • Training people on how to adopt a lifestyle with zero waste footprint

  • Connecting families having children with developmental delays to a proven personalized education

  • Delivering telepresence-based home healthcare for elderly people with complex illnesses

  • Enabling world class waste management and segregation in your community while transforming the lives of waste pickers – one of the underprivileged sections of society

  • Creating a historical water health map of the world by enabling you to monitor the quality of water at your home and in water bodies around you

  • Transforming teaching and learning outcomes for underserved teachers and students of schools in low-income communities with AI-enabled educational tools

These are a few examples and just the beginning and yet each of these is already a service that, if adopted at scale, makes a real difference to the lives of millions of people while creating a better planet.

Such impact and difference can be realized right now! It need not wait for months and years, but can be done in days and weeks if many of us come together to make it happen. And today’s digital technology is a tremendous enabler. This is the motivation and the raison d’etre for the cYAAG digital platform. It enables each of us to play a role in accelerating the realization of such impact and outcomes.

Your role as a Changemaker

You play your role as a Changemaker by adopting the YAAGs of interest to you and also thoughtfully inviting the right friends and contacts who would genuinely be interested in achieving the goal of a YAAG.

When you adopt a YAAG or when you thoughtfully invite that contact, friend, or someone you remember who can help – you are playing your part in getting a changemaking service faster to the person who needs it. Another blind person will get audio books faster, another teacher will be enabled with the right educational tools, another elderly person with complex illness will have better healthcare at home, and each of us can take that additional step towards a lifestyle that is more responsible towards the planet. This effort can be truly multiplicative as each of you becomes a changemaker and seeds a community of changemakers.

And being a changemaker can be fun! The cYAAG platform enables you to “play” YAAGs which have clear targets and time limits to achieve those targets. You win cYAAG points whenever you adopt a YAAG and also when the friends you invite play in YAAGs. You see not only your points but the total points of the community you seeded through your friends and their friends, and your impact multiplying every day. While this impact is the real reward, the cYAAG platform also provides you ways to convert your points into other rewards such as gift vouchers, discounts on sustainability products and services, and also doing good through sponsorship of services for the underprivileged.

Looking forward to Your Impact in 2021!

We at cYAAG approach 2021 with optimism and determination to accelerate a positive change, together with you. The next version of the cYAAG platform will launch on January 1st with impact goals to be achieved in the first week of the new year along with points and rewards to be won.

We look forward to your active participation in this continued beta of the cYAAG platform which is by invitation only. Each of you can thoughtfully invite only up to five individuals per YAAG. Thank you for your feedback and patience as we continue to refine this initial version of our platform, while always staying focused with a sense of urgency to accelerate real impact of inspiring social enterprises.

Looking forward to a great year ahead!

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