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Who We Are

We’re a young and talented group of global entrepreneurs and engineers with a  groundbreaking idea that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow. 

We are passionate about achieving sustainable development goals with AI, Cloud, IoT, and Social Networking technologies.

We provide smart solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service.

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Our Innovative Technology

At cYAAG, our comprehensive Cloud and AI solutions help industry leading companies and individuals achieve greater success.

Our intelligent digital platform  dramatically speeds up the growth of innovative business solutions to achieve a triple impact –  social, environmental, and financial.

cYAAG is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about the latest developments. For a free demo, contact us today.

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Sustainable Development requires human ingenuity. People are the most important resource.

Dan Schechtman


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We have offices in the United States and India and operate globally.

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